Cherry Filling
Cherry Filling is the main antagonist of the first episode of Sweet Days (2014).


This is Vanilla Filling's younger sister. You might know her as a cutie and a lover of all things pink, But inside, she is a evil mistress of deadly magic that can release deadly poison that can harm and possibly kill other sweetlings. She is a mistress of disguise, making her fool other people.


When Vanilla and Cherry were younger, Their parents would always get newer clothing for Vanilla. They would also give Sweetlets for her because her grades are high. While Cherry would always get hand-me-downs and would get low grades, causing her to get no Sweetlets as rewards. Cherry thinks that her parents don't love her, and one day, plots revenge to kill Vanilla and the other Sweetlings.


3,174 years old


She has a cat named Silver Batter.


  • Even though that the poison can kill other Sweetlings, she is immune of the poison gas because of the immunity ribbon in her wand.