Sweet nights

The Biggest Party Ever! is the first episode of Sweet Days.


The Sweetlings plan to throw the biggest party ever, but everybody has Straw-itis. Will some sweetling help them to throw their biggest party ever?


Straw: Hmm... We haven't have any parties.. Except for last 4 months..

Blood: So we could still have.. Slumber Party?

Straw: No.. We have already done it..

Blue: How about the biggest party ever?

Staw: YES!! My brilliant idea is the  BIGGEST PARTY EVER!!!!!

Blood and Blue looked at each other looking very dissapointed.

Straw: But first call Butter, Orange, Lemona, Citrus , and Dragon.

Blood and Blue: Aye! Aye! Captain!!

Blue: Hey, Butter wake up!

Butter: I'm sorry sis I cant.. I'm sick with staw-itis look..

Blue: Gosh! You are covered by rashes!

Butter: I'm really, really sorry.. Anyways what are ya going to do?

Blue: We are supposed to ask you to bake some goodies for the Biggest Party Ever!

Butter: I bet I can still try....

Blue: Marvelous!

Butter: Ahh, Atchi!

Blue: Ok...

Blood's turn..

Blood: Hey Ora--- *hit by a pie*

Orange: Nye, Nye, ninyeye!!

Blood: GRRRRR!! When will you stop doing that?!

Orange: In your dreams! GET IT? HaHAHAHAHAH!!

Blood: I really had enough of this!

Orange: Ohh! ALRIGHTY THEN!! *throws creampie at her*

Blood: STOP!!!!!! Just come with me or your dead fruit!!!

Orange: FINE!! Blood: Finally! I'm sick of this.

Blue: Blood! You have rashes now!

Blood: What? Argggh! Wait, you have Straw-itis too! Is there any cure?

Blue: I'm not that sure.


Dragon; SISTER- [falls from the balcony] GWAHHH..

Watermelon; are you alright there, Dragon..

Dragon; I'm sick sister help me.. im gonna die..