The Featured Episodes.. Order is based on the order of the episodes.

2013 Sweet DaysEdit

Biggest Party Ever! (First Episode)Edit

Plot: The Sweetlings plans to throw the biggest party ever , but everybody has Straw - itis. Will somesweetling help them to throw their biggest party ever?

Cloud Dragon (Third Episode)Edit

Plot: Dragon revealed to Cotton that if his hair is been cut he will die. That cursed is been given to him when he was captivated by the evil witch and was locked up in the tower.

Walnut Chaos (Seventh Episode)Edit

Blue discovered a chaotic walnut that can eat a sweetling. Blue and her brother asked Straw to track who is behind all of it. Blue needs to trust Butter first in order to get all the ingredients to put them back into normal. While Blood have to help them or else they are doomed.

The Suitcase Story (Thirteenth Episode)Edit

When a mysterious figure pretends to be Straw Bella, Walnut Chaos gives false evidence about Straw Bella stealing trophies. Now Straw has to find Vanilla in 72 hours to prove that she's innocent.

The Neatest Birthday (Seventeenth Episode/2013 Series Finale)Edit

Minterella's turning 1,000 years old! She wants a birthday party, but she wants it to be perfectly clean. Will the birthday party come out clean?

2014 Sweet DaysEdit

An Old Rumor (First Episode)Edit

Once during a normal day in Sweetlandia, Cherry Filling comes to town. Vanilla says that she is really evil, but Straw Bella and the other Sweetlings (Except Minterella Fresh, who saw her in the act) don't believe her. But what is Cherry really doing? She is planning a revenge attack for what happened during Cherry and Vanilla's childhood. Will the Sweetlings be able to save Sweetlandia before the whole species of Sweetlings gone?