2014 Sweet Days Logo

Sweet Days (Japanese: スウィートデイズ Suu~ītodeizu) is the 2014 revival of the 2013 Sweet Days. NOTE: W.I.P.


  • Chocolate Roll, Grape Jelly and Souffle Fluffy will be joining the other sweetlings.
  • Unlike the 2013 Series, This will feature human characters too.
  • The 2014 Series acts as if Walnut Chaos has never existed. However, She was referenced by Blue in the first episode. But some leaks say that she will return in the Second Season.
  • Instead of having one center antagonist, there are different antagonist for different episodes like Cherry Filling.
  • Sweet Days's Currency and Location have been changed. (Sweetcoins to Sweetlets and Strawberry Falls to Sweetlandia)